2016 Partners in Governance Conference – In Government We Trust?

Trust Conference Save the Date

In a democracy citizens and government agencies at all levels must both trust each other enough to cooperate, and distrust each other enough to stay vigilant. Reconciling this contradiction is the subject of the second annual Partners in Governance Conference. Public projects like transportation infrastructure require profound inter-governmental trust, and citizen buy-in. But the huge potential impact of, and the vast resources involved in, such projects also engender deep distrust. On top of a general public distrust in “those corrupt politicians,” there is distrust between localities with different interests, as well distrust between local and state and federal agencies. Traditionally, print and broadcast media have always set the tone of trust or distrust in government. And now social media brings that power to every watchful citizen/activist. In these divided political times and in this new media environment how can we maintain an appropriate level of both trust and vigilance?