CEPL Conference 2012: TERM LIMITS

Term Limits in Missouri
In the 1990s Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved some of the most restrictive state legislative term limits, imposing a lifetime (as opposed to consecutive) limit of eight years in each of the Senate and House of Representatives. As public policy, legislative term limits remain controversial. In Missouri every year bills are introduced to either reduce or expand the limits. A number of other states have revoked them altogether, either legislatively or judicially. To date 15 states have legislative term limits of varying severity in effect for approximately the last 20 years. Recently, as the policy has grown to full fruition in a variety of state settings, extensive literature on the effects of term limits at the state level has emerged. This conference explored in detail the positive and negative effects of term limits and developed a broader picture of what we know about the effects of term limits on the state legislative process from the varied perspectives of academic observers, legislators, lobbyists, and legislative staff.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Thad Kousser
Associate Professor of Political Science at UCSD, and Author of: Term Limits and the Dismantling of State Legislative Professionalism (Cambridge, 2005)

Former Speaker of the Missouri House Steven Tilley
Elected to the House in 2004 from the 106th District, Speaker Tilley became Speaker of the House for the 96th Legislative Session

Rep. Chris Kelly

Served in the House of Representatives from District 24 from 1982-1992, and again from 2008-2014