Policing Panel

This panel discussed two issues:

  1. How can police forces most effectively deal with bad actors within their ranks? At issue here are possible reforms such as body cameras, civilian oversight, cultural and de-escalation training, and also the data being collected on police actions.
  2. How can policing of protests/civil disobedience be both highly effective and mindful of the community affected? What makes the difference between legitimate public safety policing and unjustified escalation and confrontation of protesters? How can police forces maintain safety and security in the community while also allowing for constitutional freedom of speech/association etc… and maintaining the respect of the community at large?


  • Dr. Dan Isom -E. Desmond Lee Professor of Policing and the Community at UMSL and former Police Chief, City of St. Louis
  • Shira Truitt – Vice-President, Mound City Bar Association
  • Alderman Antonio D. French -Board of Aldermen, 21st Ward, City of St. Louis
  • Captain Ronald S. Johnson – Missouri State Highway Patrol


Dr. Dan Isom


Shira Truitt


Alderman Antonio D. French


Capt. Ronald S. Johnson