Protesting Panel

This panel discussed several related issues:

  1. How can protests/civil disobedience be both highly effective and mindful of the community affected? In other words, how can it walk that fine line between being effective (which to some degree necessarily means having a negative impact on the functioning of the community) and not degrading into unjustified public disruption and destruction? What to do if a car begins to force its way through the blockade? If police act aggressively to clear the area? What about media strategies
  2.  How can organizers deal with bad actors among the protesters? Can they prevent the derailing of an effective protest into fiery mayhem with good organizing? How can they disavow the agitator’s actions while also understanding the anger and frustration behind them? What are best practices when dealing with police who respond to the actions of such agitators? These are all especially relevant questions when the protest is against the criminal justice system itself.


  • Dr. Kevin R. Anderson – Associate Professor, Eastern Illinois University
  • Reverend Traci Blackmon – Christ The King United Church of Christ, Florissant
  • Rasheen Aldridge – Director of Young Activists United, and member of the Ferguson Commission
  • Charles L. Mayo – Founder of Men & Mentors and Co-Founder of Feed the Children


Dr. Kevin R. Anderson


Rev. Traci Blackmon


Rasheen Aldridge

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Charles L. Mayo

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