Policy Recommendations

Local governments and agencies are encouraged to:

  • enact ethics codes, these set clear guidelines and expectations for officers and employees, model policies and other resources are available through CEPL. While codes by themselves are not correlated in our study with reduced ethics infractions they are correlated with more ethics training, which is correlated with reduced ethics infractions
  • create ongoing ethics training programs for all employees and officers, these not only inculcate those expectations but are correlated with lower ethical infraction rates in some categories. CEPL can in some instances provide ethics training to Missouri municipalities
  • create ethics training programs specifically for supervisors to insure their proper handling of ethics complaints and violation reports from subordinates, supervisors are responsible for setting the ethics climate in any organization
  • include ethical behavior in employee evaluations, this not only provided incentives for officers and employees to behave ethically, it encourages familiarity with ethics guidelines among supervisor.
  • be vigilant against retaliation for ethics violation reporting and to ensure that employees are given accessible methods to confidentially report such violations